Employment Opportunities at HCHC

Current Job opportunities at HCHC, Inc.

School Psychologist (Brooklyn, NY):  Gather data from various sources to apply principles and techniques of psychology to improve or solve issues impacting education of young clients.  Evaluate and assess young clients, and gather other available diagnostic and anecdotal information, including test results and information from other team members, any prior or current day care providers, and/or parents of clients to diagnose conditions, and to help assess the child's specific needs, limitations, and potential.  Collaborate with the child's parents and other therapeutic team members to develop appropriate therapies, strategies and programs that are in harmony with the child's cultural and social background, in order to improve the child's condition and development.  Provide counseling/play therapy as a related service to students, as mandated on their NYC Education Department's Individual Education Plan.  Meet regularly with the child's parents, and incorporate them in the therapies, if appropriate.  Regularly assess the child's progress, and modify treatment plan, as needed.  Collaborate with child's educational professionals to develop teaching strategies, participate in Transdisciplinary Meetings (TDMs) with all related services and educational staff, and assist families in solving problems or conflicts in a more therapeutic manner.  Flag and report any cases of possible neglect, abuse or child endangerment.  Maintain meticulous records, including assessments, meetings, therapy sessions, behavioral data, and records of services.Requirements for this position: 

  •     •    Ph.D. in Educational Psychology or related;
  •     •    Valid certification as a School Psychologist, as issued by NY State Education Department;
  •     •    Knowledge and understanding of behavioral and learning problems in children; 
  •     •    Knowledge and understanding of parent/child relationships as related to educational achievement and psychosocial adjustment; 
  •     •    Experience working with pre-school and/or elementary students in school setting, collaborating with team of professionals (teachers, therapists, social workers, etc.) to develop educational/behavioral plans and strategies for students from diverse educational abilities (e.g. ADHD, behavioral issues, autism, etc.) and varied ethnic and/or cultural/linguistic backgrounds, including bilingual or English Language Learners; AND
  •     •    Experience implementing educational intervention methods and models (e.g., PBIS, RTI, etc.). 
HCHC, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer