Speech Therapy:  Our speech therapists provide services that target many areas of speech and language development.  Taking the whole child into consideration they aim to provide the communication skills needed to be successful communicators in all of their environments.  Our clinicians provide individual and group therapy for children with delays or disorders in the areas of articulation, phonology, and speech coordination, language formulation, language processing, comprehension, expressive and receptive language, oral narrative development, pragmatic language, oral motor and feeding.  Our clinicians also work closely with the classroom teachers to ensure generalization of targeted skills and carry out weekly language lessons in the classroom.  Additionally, our clinicians are working on enhancing comprehension and facilitating language in the classroom through the use of schedules, sentence strips, communication books for nonverbal children and choice boards among others. Along with bilingual evaluations in Spanish, we also provide speech evaluations in Russian.

Occupational Therapy:  Our occupational therapy staff predominantly helps the children with fine motor retraining addressing sensory integration dysfunction, and ADL (Daily living skills) development.  The therapy is on a  "one to one" basis as mandated in your child's IEP.

Physical Therapy:  Our physical therapy staff works with the child's gross motor development and vestibular (balance) skills, on a "one to one" basis as mandated in your child's IEP.

Psychotherapy/Play Therapy:  Our psychologists and social workers help the child learn and develop through the use of play therapy, PATHS program (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies), and other proven techniques. The psychology staff coordinate all of the services given to the child throughout the school year through a multi-dsciplinary approach,  bringing parents, teachers and therapists together. We are also able to provide psychological evaluations in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Music Therapy:  Our music therapists engage the child in learning through the use of music and song.  They work on a "one to one" basis with the children as well as on a class by class basis. this should read, "Our music therapists engage the children in learning through the use of music and songs.  The therapists work within each classroom and with individual children on a one to one basis.

Yoga Therapy (ACE Preschool only):  Our yoga therapist encourages our children, through exercise and breathing techniques, to be optimally "primed" for learning.