We serve a diverse group of caring communities.

Parental involvement is encouraged and is essential in the decision-making process. Parents and guardians are seen as playing an intrinsic and vital part in the process of meeting their children’s needs. They know their own children best and have an important contribution to make to any discussion involving the child’s program and progress. It is essential, therefore, that the parents participate in the CPSE conferences (if the child is a preschool child with a disability) and in regular meetings with teachers and therapists. If the child attends our Head Start program, it is essential that they play an intrinsic role in the DAPC, personnel and other committees of our Head Start.

Parents receive regular reports on the progress made by their children, and they are encouraged to share any problems they have in relation to their child’s issues - i.e. feeding, behavior, language or any other matter of concern with the therapist or teacher. The atmosphere of the school is wholesome, warm and caring, and the meals provided the children are tasty and nutritious.  HCHC, Inc. abides by our Wellness policy, teaching the children and their parents the keys to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.  Parents are always welcome daily, on parent visiting days, and encouraged to participate in our school wellness plan. They are also invited to join our various parent group workshops, excursions, trips, holiday celebrations and social events that take place during the school year.